All Elite Wrestling AEW Women’s Championship v3

AEW approached me looking for a new Women’s Championship belt that would look similar to the Mid-South North American Championship.

This is the final result!

The side plates pay homage to the first AEW Women’s Champion, Riho, as depicted by her flying cross-body press on the right sideplate. The left sideplate shows Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D., applying the Lockjaw.

This belt was made from idea to completed item in 18 days which is not something that can normally be done.

As a unique method to close the belt, it features both traditional snaps, and velcro. This was requested by AEW as a means to easily put on and take off the belt.
The snaps are on the non-traditional side as well. As a “righty”, you could hold the lip of the main plate with your left hand, take off the belt with your right hand, and hold it up all in one smooth motion while using on TV.