Gary Vee “Crush It” Legacy Belt

This custom belt is a legacy belt for Gary Vaynerchuk encompassing numerous aspects of his career thus far.

The side plates serve as tribute to his best selling book covers with inspirational quotes.

The logo plate features an image of one of Gary’s more notable t-shirts.

The main plate is a mix on customizing a $100 bill while making it personalized and motivational.
“Crush It” another of Gary’s books, serves as the overall theme of the belt. Instead of $100, the “bill” represents 100%.  A mural of Gary replaces Benjamin Franklin. His birthday represents the serial number. Gary’s signature, and names of his other successful companies also replace other regular motifs seen on a one hundred dollar bill.

Gary is huge on social media, thus all the icons appear throughout the belt.

This is a 5 plate, dual plated belt + 6th logo plate.

The strap is a custom dyed/sprayed green with black backing. While the main plate is traditionally tooled with starburst tooling, the snap boxes have a more inordinate basket weave style tooling.

There is a video of Gary receiving and opening the belt which should be uploaded to his Social Media accounts in the near future.