King of Pancrase Officially Licensed Copy


  • GBP: £2,317.05

Now available for purchase is authentic, 100% exact copies of the King of Pancrase championship belt!

This belt is 5 plates, plus a stacked domed logo piece on the main plate. Plates will be your choice of dual plated, or polished zinc to give it the raw/antiqued look of the classic belts. The nameplate can have your choice of being removable or just etched into the main plate with your custom wording.

Pancrase Hybrid Wrestling™ is the property of Blown Falcon Productions LLC and World Pancrase Create its Logo are registered with the Official Trademark and Patent office. August 24 2020.

I am the only beltmaker licensed to currently make copies of these belts.

***This is NOT an in-stock item. The belts will be made as ordered. Estimated turn around time is 12-16 weeks***

Price includes all licensing fees to Pancrase Hybrid Wrestling and will feature a special leather stamp to signify such.