NWA World Tag Team Championships

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The winning team of the 2019 NWA Crockett Cup also became the new NWA World Tag Team Champions!

These belts were requested by the NWA to be as close to the original Nikita Mulkavitch made tag belts as possible with some customization to plating and leather.

I would like to thank Kevin Houston for allowing me access to use his molds of the ORIGINAL belts. These 2019 plates are identical to the originals used in the 80’s.

There are 7 plates, casted, polished and 24k gold plated. The main plates feature an 8th stacked eagle plate. There are 2x Swarvoski stones on the main plate as well.

Mulkavitch made 2 different sets of these tag belts for NWA back in the 80’s. The all gold belts were on a red leather strap with white stitching. The anniversary edition belts were nickel plated with gold eagle on a hand tooled, black leather strap.  These 2019 belts incorporate both of those versions as this is the first time this style belt is all gold on black leather.

The leather features the vertical NWA letters like the anniversary edition, but also feature a brand new 2019 NWA logo stamp.

As requested, these belts are a mix of the historic tag belts with a little bit of modernization.